Re-Introducing the Gray Wolf

The tamed dogs we have in our homes are definitely a love and a favorite of all in the home but when we take a look at their friends and family in the wild, this is never the case. As a matter of fact, wolves and all the members of this family of the canines have been the subject of lots of persecution from the human family. The following is a look at some of the threats that actually do face the Gray Wolf that we need to be looking out for so as to save this friend from the wild the imminent threat of extinction.

Lest we forget, it is important to note the fact that there are actually some sure benefits that do follow the reintroduction of wolves into the ecosystem. Take a case in hand such as when there was a reintroduction of the grey wolf in Greater Yellowstone ecosystem back in the year 1995. As at the time then, there was only a single beaver colony in the entire park but soon after the reintroduction of the wolves into the ecosystem, there was and is still being seen an increase in the beaver colonies in the park. By far and large, these are ideally the very noble missions and ideologies, the push factor and the drive behind the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, Colorado that is basically a mission to help with the reestablishing of the wolf population there was in the Colorado rocky mountains. Read on now for some of the threats to beware of when it comes to the wolf population we may have left.

The Mexican Gray wolf faces one main threat and this is the threat posed them by humans. History has it that there was such a point in time when we, the human family, so actively and literally eliminated the gray wolf from the wild and had it not been for the last gasp effort of an unprecedented captive breeding program, the Mexican Gray wolf would have been out of the face of the earth today. The sad fact is that in spite of all these, still the efforts to have them restored to their natural habitat is still being met with a lot of resistance from some quarters.

The other fact of a hurdle faced when it comes to the restoration and reestablishment of the gray wolf has been in terms of the lack of political will to back the concerted efforts made by some of the other groups towards the reintroduction of the gray wolf into the ecosystem.

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